HVAC Services in Polk City, FL

HVAC services in Polk City, FL

Most Polk City, FL, residents want their heating and cooling systems to be the best they can be to ensure their homes stay comfortable year-round. The furnace installation experts at Egberts Cooling and Heating offer exceptional HVAC services in Polk City, FL, that will take your residence’s interior comfort to new heights without breaking the bank.

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AC Repair and Maintenance

AC Repair in Polk City

Florida’s hot summers can take a toll on your air conditioning system, causing it to lose efficiency and eventually break down. Without a functioning air conditioner, you can’t keep your home cool and comfortable, leaving it unbearably hot for hours or longer. Fortunately, Egberts Cooling and Heating offers high-quality air conditioning repair services that will have your unit up and running again without delay.

Our team at Egberts Cooling and Heating understands the best approach to each air conditioning issue and will restore your unit’s performance and your home’s interior comfort. We utilize best-in-class repair methods and materials to ensure optimal efficiency and long-lasting results. Our technicians will assess your air conditioner, uncover the source of the issue, and repair it using the best supplies the industry has to offer.

We offer a wide range of services, including, but not limited to:

  • Refrigerant leak repair
  • Air filter replacement
  • Thermostat repair
  • Frozen condenser or evaporator coil restoration
  • Compressor repair and replacement
  • Faulty writing restoration

Our team can handle even the most strenuous repair projects swiftly and efficiently, allowing you to keep your home cool regardless of the climate outside. We never leave your home without ensuring your unit meets our high standards and conduct numerous tests to guarantee top-notch results. You won’t have to worry about a broken air conditioner reducing your comfort thanks to Egberts Cooling and Heating.

AC Installation in Polk City

Sometimes air conditioners give out no matter how much you maintain them. They often need a replacement every 10 to 20 years to maintain a comfortable interior climate without demanding excess energy. Waiting too long to replace your air conditioner can increase the chances of it breaking down, leaving you without sufficient cooling during the dog days of summer.

At Egberts Cooling and Heating, our professional technicians will replace your old air conditioner with a new and improved model without surpassing your financial means. We carry several energy-efficient heating and cooling systems that will keep your home comfortable all summer long. Our team will work with you to find the best model for your home or business while teaching you proper maintenance techniques to ensure it operates optimally throughout the year.

We have vast experience installing and maintaining all the leading types of AC systems for the biggest names in the industry. Below are just some of the air conditioning brands we install:

  • Rheem
  • Amana
  • Liberty Industries
  • York Air Conditioners
  • Schneider Electric
  • Air Innovations
  • American Standard
  • Goodman
  • Flagro

We offer free consultations and financing options across the greater Polk City area, making it easier for you to budget before installation. Our air conditioning specialists take the stress out of AC replacement by handling the entire process for you, giving you a first-rate cooling system in a few short hours.

AC Installation
AC Repair and Maintenance

AC Maintenance in Polk City

Many homeowners underestimate the importance of regular air conditioning maintenance. Routine maintenance preserves the unit’s performance, lifespan, and resilience, preventing troublesome repairs that can adversely affect your budget. It can also help you reduce your monthly utility bills, providing energy savings throughout the year.

Although you can perform minor maintenance tasks yourself, hiring professional servicing twice a year is the best way to keep your unit in pristine condition. Our HVAC technicians perform slight tune-ups and adjustments to curb potential issues that negatively impact your system. Every member of the Egberts Cooling and Heating team receives extensive training to ensure you receive quality HVAC services in Polk City, FL, every time they visit your property.

We use an efficient AC maintenance checklist that guarantees optimal efficiency and interior home comfort. Our team examines every inch of your unit and will fix any deficiencies plaguing your system. From there, we can provide you with additional tune-ups to keep your unit in fantastic condition.

Every maintenance project includes the following services:

  • AC coil assessment
  • Air filter examination and replacement (if necessary)
  • Condensate drain line evaluation
  • Thermostat assessment
  • Refrigerant check and refill
  • Connection evaluation
  • Control system test

Our thorough maintenance process ensures your system functions at its highest efficiency level without requiring additional energy. It’s a fantastic way to enhance your home’s indoor air quality while preserving your unit’s warranty.

Heat Pump Repair in Polk City

Heat pumps are becoming exceedingly popular among Polk City residents. They are a viable alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems and work perfectly with Florida’s tropical climate. However, they aren’t immune to breaking down and often require professional repairs to restore functionality.

Our heat pump repair services will have your unit operating better than ever without stressing your budget. We understand all the ins and outs of this unique system and will repair yours quickly without sacrificing quality.  Our team will ensure your heat pump meets your climate demands, ensuring you stay cool during the summer and warm during the chilly winter season.

Unfortunately, many Polk City homeowners don’t know how to identify potential heat pump problems before they become severe. If you notice any of the following, give us a call for prompt HVAC services in Polk City, FL:

  • Sudden spike in heating bills
  • Reduced heating and cooling efficiency
  • Strange noises coming from the unit
  • Short cycling
  • Ice forming along the heat pump’s outdoor coil

It’s crucial to address heat pump malfunctions quickly to prevent your unit from giving out entirely. Many small problems can escalate into severe issues that can jeopardize the whole system. Fortunately, our team can make all your heat pump issues a thing of the past, keeping your system optimal and pristine throughout the year.

Heat Pump Repair
Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump Replacement in Polk City

Again, heat pumps are terrific alternatives to conventional HVAC systems. They offer everything you know and love about your heating and cooling system without as many drawbacks. Since they are ideal for Polk City’s mild winters, more and more residents are replacing their traditional heaters and air conditioners with heat pumps.

Our heat pump specialists have vast experience installing all the leading brands and will equip your home with the latest models. We will assess your home and help you determine which variation best suits your needs.

Heat pumps come in four primary styles:

  • Air source
  • Ground source (geothermal heat pumps)
  • Water source
  • Hybrids

Air source heat pumps generate heat from outdoor air and move it into your property’s interior. Ground source models, also called geothermal heat pumps, gather radiant heat from the earth before supplying it to a room. Water source heat pumps require a water reservoir and collect thermal energy to warm your residence. Hybrid models typically combine ground source and air source technology to heat your home during the winter.

At Egberts Cooling and Heating, we can install your preferred heat pump model and teach you how to use your new system. We make the installation process swift and easy, giving you a first-class heat pump that supplies superior heating and cooling through all four seasons.

Heating Repair in Polk City

Heat pumps aren’t the only heating systems in Polk City; many people may utilize furnaces instead. That said, even the best furnaces are prone to breaking down. Like air conditioners, they often experience reduced performance as they age, making it difficult to maintain a warm internal climate. Some furnace malfunctions even pose a safety threat and can put your family at risk in severe cases.

Gas and oil furnaces can experience leaks that demand immediate attention. They often emit a peculiar odor similar to rotten eggs that alerts you when a leak occurs.

If you believe your furnace suffers from a leak, turn the system off and evacuate your home before contacting Egberts Cooling and Heating. Our technicians will rush to your residence and fix the leak before it adversely affects your residence or your family’s health.

Our technicians take a steadfast approach to each furnace repair project and will heighten your unit’s performance using industry-leading supplies. We understand how to fix everything from broken blower mechanisms to gas leaks, qualifying us for the most complex repair assignments.

Before we repair your furnace, we run a diagnostic test to uncover the root cause of the problem. Once we pinpoint the issue, we get to work repairing your unit and restoring your home’s comfort. We then test your furnace to guarantee it meets our high standards and maintains your desired indoor climate.

Emergency HVAC Service

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