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Have you ever had trouble keeping your heat pump in working order? Does it fail to keep you and your family comfortable during chilly weather? At Egberts Cooling and Heating, we provide top-notch heat pump repair in Lakeland, FL. Cold fronts come and go, even here in the Sunshine State. Plus, you need a reliable heat pump to keep your Florida home cool in the summer.

Heat pump systems have complex inner workings. While you benefit from their energy efficiency, you need knowledgeable professionals to keep them in working order. Putting off heat pump system repair often leads to bigger, more expensive issues later on. By keeping your system in working order, you ensure a reliable heat pump that’ll keep your family comfortable for years to come.

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Heat Pump Repair by Egberts Cooling & Heating in Lakeland FL

Your Trusted emergency heat pump repair Services

At Egberts Cooling and Heating, we offer our services in heat pump repair in Lakeland, FL, and surrounding areas. Each of our licensed contractors has the special tools, experience, and training needed to complete each service request in a timely fashion. Unlike other heat pump repair companies, you’ll experience prompt responses, personalized customer service, and careful system examination from our HVAC professionals.

Our convenient services include:

  • System cleaning
  • Troubleshooting connections
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Repairing the root cause of the issue
  • Replacing your heat pump with a newer model
  • And much more

Nothing matters more to us than your comfort during intense heat waves or chilly cold fronts, so give us a call!

Recognizing Signs You Need Heat Pump Service in Lakeland, FL

Your heat pump sends signals when it requires professional attention. Sometimes, these indicators may not be immediately noticeable, while at other times, they can cause significant inconvenience.

1. Increased Heating Bills: Your energy bills should generally remain stable. However, if you experience a sharp and unexplained increase in your energy bill, it’s time to check your heat pump. Whether you use a heat pump for cooling, heating, or both, unexpected spikes in your bill may indicate the need for heat pump service.

2. Insufficient Heating or Cooling: Feeling uncomfortable despite adjusting your thermostat settings is a clear sign of an issue with your heat pump. Even with the thermostat set to a specific temperature, if you still feel too warm or too cold, it’s essential to have our contractors troubleshoot your heat pump. Uncomfortable temperatures, coupled with increased energy costs, could be indicative of a heat pump problem that requires expert service.

3. Unusual Noises: Pay attention to any strange noises your heat pump makes during its cycles. Clicking, grinding, or squealing sounds may signify problems like faulty blower motors, damaged controls, or loose belts. A properly functioning heat pump emits a soft, rhythmic hum. If you observe unusual noises, it’s advisable to reach out to our heat pump service. for necessary repairs.

4. Short Cycling: When your heat pump ends its cycle prematurely and has shorter, more frequent cycles, it’s experiencing short cycling. Normally, a functioning heat pump follows ten-minute cycles at regular intervals. Short cycling adds extra wear and tear to your unit, necessitating additional repairs. If you notice this issue, consult to an expert like Egberts heating and cooling.

5. Ice Formation on the Heat Pump: Observing frozen condensation or ice on your outdoor coil is a red flag. This usually indicates a dirty filter causing inadequate airflow or refrigerant leaks. Addressing these issues promptly with heat pump service in Lakeland, FL, is crucial to maintaining optimal performance.

By recognizing these signs and acting promptly, you can ensure that your heat pump operates efficiently and effectively. For professional heat pump services, contact our experts today.

Heat Pump Repair Service in Lakeland FL
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Reasons You Need Home Heat Pump Repair

A heat pump stops working or works less efficiently for several reasons. Occasionally, a simple fix solves the problem, like a new air filter or a refrigerant refill. Sometimes, you can check the thermostat settings to find an easy solution. However, the pump usually has a technical problem. With the following issues, you need experienced contractors on the job.

If your pump doesn’t fit the size of your house, it might short-cycle or run for too long. For example, a small pump won’t keep up with a large house’s cycling needs. While avoiding a complete unit replacement seems cheaper up front, you’ll save more money on your power bills long-term by choosing a properly sized heat pump.

Sometimes your blower motor doesn’t get the electricity it needs and turns off too soon. Tripped circuits or faulty parts often cause this issue. Our contractors will track down any replacement parts we need to get your pump back in working order.

Your heat pump can’t function with insufficient airflow. Over time, dirt, debris, and dust cake the air filter and force your heat pump to work harder with each cycle and reduce your indoor air quality. When this happens, call us about filter replacement. The airflow will return to normal, allowing your pump to work efficiently again.

The refrigerant in your heat pump removes or circulates heat throughout your house. When the refrigerant leaks, your pump can’t heat or cool your home. Leaks often go unnoticed since refrigerant evaporates quickly. Our heat pump repair contractors will find and mend the leak before refilling your refrigerant.

FAQs About Heat Pump System Repair

Heat pumps commonly make gurgling sounds when refrigerant moves through the connected pipes. Don’t worry about occasional gurgling sounds. Unless you notice any other signs of disrepair, you have no need to worry.

With routine maintenance and prompt repair, heat pumps last between 15 and 20 years. If you schedule routine heat pump maintenance every year, you’ll get up to two decades of life from it in return.

An air conditioner cools down the hot air it pulls from outdoors. On the other hand, a heat pump moves already-cool air inside, conserving energy.

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