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The winter weather in Lakeland, FL, is mild compared to other locations in the US. However, you still need a heating system to navigate the chilly winter nights. If your furnace isn’t working optimally as cold breezes come through, your home will feel a bit less comfortable—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Egberts Cooling and Heating, we have made a name as the top choice for furnace repair in Lakeland, FL. Our expert team of technicians can fix all kinds of electric and gas furnaces. We will arrive when you need us and work quickly to ensure your family won’t endure the uncomfortable weather for too long.

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Common Furnace Problems We Deal with

Below are some of the most common problems we see at Egberts Cooling and Heating:

Your Fully Equipped Local Furnace Repair Services

At Egberts Cooling and Heating, we proudly maintain a range of fully equipped trucks that can reach all parts of Lakeland, FL, and the nearby areas in the shortest time possible. Our heater repair service technicians arrive at your property with all the tools and replacement parts necessary to get your furnace back to its optimum condition in one visit.

If your furnace needs repairs, don’t postpone it any further to avoid worsening the situation. Our experts can catch small issues and fix them before they become costlier.

Furnace Repair by Egberts Cooling & Heating in Lakeland FL

FAQs Regarding Furnace Repair

Furnaces don’t run quietly, but they shouldn’t make loud, uncomfortable noises either. If your furnace is suddenly noisy, it could be due to:

  • Loose screw or debris
  • Bad belt or motor bearing
  • Problems with the blower assembly

Our heater servicing professionals can evaluate the furnace and recommend ways to make the noise go away.

There are many possible reasons for the unusual smell coming from your furnace. Some of them include:

  • A gas leak
  • Overheating furnace parts
  • Clogged filters

If you smell rotten eggs around your furnace, you have a gas leak. Turn off the system immediately and open the doors and windows before calling your utility company.

The life expectancy of your furnace depends on the model and your use frequency. Energy-efficient furnaces can last up to 20 years in the Lakeland, FL, weather. However, the lifespan estimates are suggestions (albeit guided by the manufacturer’s research). You can stretch the system’s lifespan a bit longer with adequate maintenance. Conversely, ignoring maintenance can shorten the lifespan by more than 50%.

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