HVAC Services in Lake Hamilton, FL

HVAC services in Lake Hamilton, FL

Enjoy the scenery and lakeside attractions year-round with premier HVAC services in Lake Hamilton, FL, including professional furnace installation by Egberts Cooling and Heating. We’re a top-rated heating and air conditioning company in central Florida with experience in heat pump installation and repair.

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AC Repair and Maintenance

AC Repair in Lake Hamilton, FL

Despite the moderating effects of the lake, the weather can be hot and humid through the long summers in Lake Hamilton, FL. A broken air conditioner is the last thing you need on a sweltering day. If your air conditioner is blowing warm air, making odd noises, or not behaving right, call Egberts Cooling and Heating. Our talented technicians have years of experience handling air conditioning malfunctions in Central Florida, so they can diagnose the problem quickly and typically fix it in one visit.

Our customers trust us with a variety of air conditioning problems, from moldy vents and ductwork that ruins air quality to leaky refrigerant lines and malfunctioning coils. Your air conditioner won’t work properly unless every part is in top shape, so trust the team with the skills to get your air conditioning working again and keep it running all season long.

We’re always open to handling air conditioning emergencies. Our air conditioning technicians are attentive, punctual, and understanding. They’re ready to help you through even the worst air conditioning crisis with technical assistance, advice, and reassurance every step of the way.

Stay cool and keep your peace of mind with the HVAC professionals at Egberts Cooling and Heating in Lake Hamilton, FL. We can provide you with repairs to help you get your broken air conditioning system running again in no time!

AC Installation in Lake Hamilton, FL

A new air conditioner can be a miracle in the height of a central Florida summer. Air conditioning installation is one of the most popular HVAC services in Lake Hamilton, FL, because longtime residents know how important a reliable, energy-efficient air conditioner can be to enjoying home life. 

Air conditioning problems can often creep up slowly. Many of our customers became so used to their temperamental or struggling air conditioning units that they forgot how pleasant and relaxing a weekend or evening at home can be.

Turn every day into a lakeside staycation with cool, crisp air from the latest HVAC and air conditioning technology. Enjoy even greater convenience with a smart air conditioner that you can program and control with the touch of a button using a user-friendly app.

When you call Egberts Cooling and Heating for air conditioner installation, an experienced consultant will work with you to identify the perfect new model of air conditioner for you and your family. We install quality air conditioners from reputable manufacturers like Trane, so our customers can count on their air conditioning to last for many years. We’ll give you tips on how to use your new air conditioning unit efficiently and set up routine maintenance to extend its lifespan.

Our installations are affordable because our team works efficiently and keeps costs low without taking shortcuts. Reach out now to speak to an expert.

AC Maintenance in Lake Hamilton, FL

Many homeowners in Central Florida face hefty repair bills for their air conditioning or HVAC system because they did not invest in maintaining their air conditioning units. Whether you own your own home, run a business, or invest in rental properties, air conditioning maintenance is one of the most important HVAC services in Lake Hamilton, FL.

Air conditioning maintenance protects you from a host of problems and can reduce your need for air conditioning repair services by catching minor problems before they grow serious enough to degrade the performance of your HVAC system. At Egberts Cooling and Heating, our thorough maintenance process catches just about any potential problem and gives you a chance to repair it while the weather is still cool. 

Consider, for example, a slow, silent refrigerant leak. You might not notice your air conditioner working harder and your energy bills creeping up until your air conditioner starts to fail. By then, the air conditioner might have damaged condenser coils and a worn-out compressor or air handler.  

Winters here are usually mild, so a faulty heating system is not always an immediate safety concern. Losing your air conditioning in summer could put you at risk for health problems or even be life-threatening. Regular air conditioning maintenance is the best way to make sure your air conditioning is ready for those long Floridian summer days.

Heat Pump Repair in Lake Hamilton, FL

Heat pumps are a great alternative to having an HVAC system with separate furnace and air conditioning components. A heat pump is essentially a reversible air conditioning unit that can warm your home or business in the winter and keep it cool throughout the summer. Heat pumps are ideal for locations like Lake Hamilton, FL, which have relatively mild winters. 

Heat pumps, like conventional air conditioners, can fail for various reasons. Dirty filters, damaged refrigerant lines, aging mechanical components, and miscalibrated sensors can all cause your heat pump to lose efficiency. Mini-split heat pump systems heat and cool every room individually. We give every wall unit a rigorous inspection and cleaning as part of our maintenance services at Egberts Cooling and Heating. 

Many heat pumps use additional technologies such as mini-split systems and geothermal heating. Consequently, your heat pump could be more complex than a typical HVAC system. Some HVAC technicians are more familiar with conventional air conditioners and furnaces, so they might misdiagnose heat pump problems or be less efficient when making repairs. 

Avoid having to redo repairs or waiting around while the technician searches for the right part. Choose Egberts Cooling and Heating and be confident that your technician has training and expertise in heat pump diagnostics and repair. With professional maintenance, you will reap the benefits of modern heat pump technology.

Heat Pump Replacement in Lake Hamilton, FL

At Egberts Cooling and Heating, we encounter two types of customers for heat pump installation services. Some people have an existing heat pump with storm damage or one that has reached the end of its service lifespan. Others are customers with different types of heating systems who have heard about the benefits of heat pumps in Florida’s climate. 

Having us install a new heat pump for you is one way to reduce your carbon footprint, eliminate the need for heating oil and gas, and improve your heating and cooling system’s performance.

We have experience both replacing old heat pumps and installing ones in place of other systems, helping to put your mind at ease.

In many cases, it is advantageous to replace both the air conditioning and heating systems at the same time, but some customers might want to keep a supplemental furnace or boiler for additional heating in cases of unusually cold weather. Given the volatile weather nationwide, it can be prudent to prepare for a wider range of weather conditions. 

Egberts Cooling and Heating helps residents obtain custom HVAC services in Lake Hamilton, FL, that work well for them and their families. We discuss all the options with our clients so they can make informed decisions as they plan their HVAC or heat pump installation project.

Heating Repair in Lake Hamilton, FL

Floridians, including those in Central Florida, use many heating technologies, including water heaters, space heaters, central heating systems, furnaces, and boilers. Even in sunny Florida, winter temperatures can drop below freezing — and even below zero in some cases.

A faulty heating system could expose you to several risks, including a reduction in air quality, higher energy bills, and property damage. Heating system failure could lead to frozen and burst pipes, hypothermia, and other health issues, particularly for children and older individuals.   

Our team of technicians at Egberts Cooling and Heating know how to ensure the safety and functionality of your home and commercial heating devices. We conduct diligent inspections and protect members of our community by identifying heating systems that could pose a hazards to their health. Then, we’ll develop and implement effective repair plans.

When we recommend heating repair as part of our HVAC services in Lake Hamilton, FL, we will never push you to accept a repair that you do not want or do not understand. We take the time to guide you as you decide which heating services you need.

If you put off heater maintenance this year because of worries about heating repair costs, talk to Egberts Cooling and Heating. We do everything we can to keep costs low without reducing the quality of our services. Let us help you with a combination of discounts, financing, and other forms of assistance.

Furnace Repair

Rely on Your HVAC With Professional Service From Lake Hamilton, FL

Pick the HVAC company with a solid reputation for quality in central Florida. For professional AC installation, repair, and maintenance as well as other exceptional HVAC services in Lake Hamilton, FL, call Egberts Cooling and Heating at 863-224-2811 today.